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Household electricity safe, starting from the power cord safety using

Time: 2017-07-28
Summary: The power cord is the wire that transmits the current. Power cord according to the use can be divided into AC AC power cord and DC DC power cord, usually AC power cord is through the high voltage of the AC cord. The DC line is basically through the lower voltage of the DC, so the safety requirements and no AC line strict, but for safety reasons, countries or require uniform security certification.

How to use the AC power cord safely ?

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    Nowadays the AC power cord connected televisions, refrigerators and other home appliance equipment of every family. But because of improper use of electricity and the incident is also numerous. Many of these incidents are related to the use of power cord. Because once it is damaged will cause a fire, assuming that the timely make up will become a serious consequence. Therefore, the family safe use of electricity, it is necessary to know any safe use of power cord, and do the protection and warranty.
    The role of the general power cord is to let the electrical power and the normal use of its planning is not messy, mainly three-tier planning, inner core, inner sheath and outer jacket. Core, the first is used to conductive copper wire, copper wire thickness will directly affect the conductive power, of course, the material will also affect the conductive power, and now even use the conductivity is very good silver and gold as the core, But the price is expensive, mostly used in national defense science and technology, rarely used in household electricity; inner jacket, the material is mainly PVC plastic or polyethylene plastic, with the usual use of plastic bags is a material, but the thickness To be thicker, the primary role is insulation, because the plastic is an excellent insulator, in the family life, sometimes the home will be compared to moisture, this time the cover can prevent the core wet, in addition, the plastic can Isolated air to prevent the core copper wire is oxidized by oxygen in the air; the outermost layer is the outer sheath, the outer sheath is similar to the inner sheath, but the outer sheath needs to function very well because the outer sheath is the direct contact External environment, direct protection of the power cord safety, the need for its compression, anti-wear, high temperature, low temperature resistance, resistance to natural light, wear and tear damage, high material life, environmental protection, Furthermore jacket choices necessary to be selected according to the internship working environment.
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    Knowing  the composition of the household power cord together, to learn how to prevent the risk of household electricity consumption, in the usual household electricity need to pay attention: as far as possible home appliances on the ventilation of the monotonous place to prevent the line wet and damaged; household appliances Do not overuse the use of household appliances, to prevent the work of the line overload, the temperature is too high and burned to cause the fire; not in the thunderstorms of the use of electrical appliances, to prevent lightning damage to the power line due to serious consequences ; Should often punctual check the line and the outer jacket of the situation, once the outer sheath is damaged, it is necessary to replace, otherwise there will be leakage of electric shock and other dangerous things; pay attention to the use of the line socket, there is no need to damage or short circuit, To prevent the circuit because the socket short circuit caused by burning. The end of the need to remind each family need to be careful about the use of electricity this question, just to do a preventive, do the usual protection and repair work, family life to protect.

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