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4 errors of mobile phone charging

Time: 2017-06-27
Summary: For a long time, on the mobile phone charging argument different opinions. As the rapid development of mobile phones, some of the correct charging method has now become a charging error.

For a long time, on the mobile phone charger charging argument differentopinions. As the rapid development of mobile phones, some of the correctcharging method has now become a charging error.

So, what is chargeerrors we need to pay attention to, how can the correct charge, both to ensuresafety, but also extend the battery life?

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1.       With a flat-panel charger tocharge the phone will be dangerous?

There are rumorsthat the use of flat-panel charger to the phone can not be charged, because theTablet PC charger power is significantly larger than the average mobile phonecharger, and its output of the larger output current may be "breakdown capacitor."But there are still countless small partners in the use of flat-panel chargerto charge the phone, because it seems no big problem, and sometimes seeminglyfaster charging.

In fact, with alarger output current charger to the phone charging is no problem, usually morewill not bring any catastrophic consequences, and many times really make mobilephone charging faster. Because any cell phone has a special internal powermanagement chip, the battery input current control in its maximum acceptablerange, it will not affect the battery. On this issue, Apple Inc officialwebsite of the technical support page, and even specifically for the answer. Sothat long-term use of this large output current of the Tablet PC charger tocharge the phone, there is no problem.

2.      Install a software can extendbattery life?

Battery managementsoftware is a magical thing, it seems that they have such as fast charging,recharge and trickle charge, and so very high-end atmosphere on the grade ofthe function shows that the actual system is provided only through the API toread the power display to the user to see The There is no help for chargingthat can still stay in the background to help power consumption.

3.      When the phone battery run outof recharge can extend battery life?

This is definitelythe most widely heard a misunderstanding. In everyone's concept, the batterywith 20% of the following recharging will be better, in the nickel battery erais indeed the case. But to the current era of lithium batteries, so that mobilephone power down to 20% or even automatically shut down, the battery damage isvery large, will cause slow charging, battery without use, and even lowerbattery life and other issues. In addition, if the phone automatically shutdown, lithium battery due to excessive discharge caused by the internal voltageis too low, there may be unable to boot and charge the situation! The phone isrunning out of electricity is not conducive to mobile phone battery health

4.      While using the phone side ofthe charging, both calling and charging

In fact, whileplaying the phone side of the charging practice is very undesirable, this willextend the phone charging time. As we all know, the screen is the largestmobile phone power source, while playing the phone side of the charge, thephone will automatically determine the main power transmission to the powerconsumption of more screen back light, resulting in the battery charging speedwill be reduced many. In addition, you may notice that when you play whilecharging the phone, the phone itself will become very hot, it is because thephone itself will produce a lot of heat, coupled with the battery charge whenthe heat Will lead to the overall mobile phone temperature rise. Thetemperature is the biggest killer of electronic components, so, should try toavoid charging when playing mobile phones. At the same time, for securityreasons, in the need to use mobile phones, it is best to unplug the mobile phone charger plug.

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