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What is the power cord VDE, UL certification

Time: 2017-06-19
Summary: UL certification is the United States voluntary certification, for security aspects, high-pressure products. VDE is a German voluntary certification, the general certification is the components and materials. What is the power cord VDE, UL certification? And what is the meaning of the letter VDE and UL in the power cord cable?

What is the meaning of the letter VDE and UL in the power cord cable?

Power cord cable UL certification

UL power cord

     UL mark is the United States and North America recognized safety certification mark, affixed with this mark power cord cable, is equivalent to access to the safety and quality of credit card, its credibility has been accepted by the vast number of consumers. As a result, the UL mark has become a special pass for power cord cable entering the US and North American markets.

The UL mark is divided into three categories, namely, column name, grading and approval mark, the main components of these signs are UL pattern, they are registered trademark. Respectively, in different service products, is not common.

1, Column name

UL listed on the power cord cable is a sign that the manufacturer's entire product samples have been tested by UL and meet the applicable UL requirements.

2, Classification

Power cord cable with this mark, the limited range of their risk or the range of use used have been assessed.

3, Component certification

In order to speed up the assessment of the power cord cable or electronics products, and save money, for components that are not complete or have limited performance, we can perform meta / component certification for power cord cable that are later used for UL listed or classified power cord cable or electronics. The use of UL-certified components in any final power cord cable does not mean that the power cord cable itself is a UL listed product.

Power cord cable VDE certification

VDE power cprd

    VDE is a well-known German testing organization, directly involved in the German national standard-setting. Same as UL, VDE logo only VDE company can authorize the use of VDE mark. Most people understand the VDE in the power cord cable parts certification, in fact, VDE test in addition to the traditional power cord cable parts, wire and cable, plug and other certification can also be issued outside the EMC logo and VDE-GS mark.

VDE is not only the certification of parts. VDE-GS is the famous machine certification. VDE using the DIN standard, DIN standard can be equivalent to most of the IEC standard.

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