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USB to Micro USB 3.0 extension cable

Time: 2017-06-12

The selection of USB cable for smartphone

    With the development of smartphone and technology, people demand for phone charger USB cable products more and more, the development of smartphone products market led the development of the USB to USB connector cable market. In the many USB cable manufacturers to stand out, Shenzhen Kuncan Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturing factory specialized in USB cableWe have well equipped production department with up-to-date equipment and facility.With more than 10 years experience in the cable industry in China. We has always insisted on the production of safe and high-quality USB cable

USB cable

We have improved a lot of USB cable production process in the problems encountered,  Including:

1.Current carrying capacity: When selecting the power supply connector, pay attention to the current carrying capacity of the connector, use the derating design, pay attention to the insulation voltage between the pins.

2.Impedance matching: some signals have impedance requirements, especially the RF signal, the impedance matching requirements more stringent, impedance does not match the time will cause signal reflection, thus affecting the signal transmission. There is no special requirement for the general signal transmission to the connector impedance

3.Shielding: With the development of smartphone products, EMC more and more attention, the choice of the phone USB charger cable when the need for a metal shell, while the cable needs a shielding layer, the shield with the connector to connect the metal shell to achieve shielding effect, Can also use injection molding method, the plug parts wrapped with copper, the cable shield and copper welding together.

4.Anti-misplug: anti-misuse inserted in two ways: one is the phone charger USB cable itself, the phone charger USB cable itself rotated 180 degrees, misplaced wrong USB cable led to the wrong signal USB  connector cable, this time need to pay attention to select the wrong plug connector, or by adjusting the phone charger USB cable On the other hand, for the reduction of the type of material to consider, several signals are using the same phone USB charger cable, then there may be inserted into the B plug on the plug, then you need to pay attention to, if the If this happens, it will cause serious consequences (non-simple alarm, with destructive), you must select the A and B interfaces for different types of sockets (Type A is male, Type B is female).

5.Versatility: In the selection process of the phone charger USB cable as much as possible to choose a common object, especially with the series of products, the choice of the connector has a strong versatility, reduce the type of material, increase the number of lower costs, while reducing the risk of supply

6.Reliability: The phone USB charger cable is used to connect the signal, so the phone USB charger cable is reliable.

7.Plug the frequency: the phone charger USB cable has a certain degree of plugging, plug the number of times after the limit, the phone USB charger cable performance will decline, and some signal interface needs to be often plug the time to select the connector when you should pay more attention to the phone USB charger cable Mating times.

    Comprehensive consideration: in the process of selecting the phone USB charger cable, a variety of factors are not independent, often interact, for customers of different types of products, Shenzhen Kuncan Electronics Co.,Ltd has a professional technical development team and has a mature manufacturing process and equipment Configuration, to the greatest extent possible to meet customer needs.

USB to micro usb cableUSB extension cable

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