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Solar Cable

From: solar cable
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Time: 2017-04-27
Summary: Solar cable is the interconnection cable used in solar power generation.

solar cable

Solar cable is the interconnection cable used in solar power generation. Solar cable  interconnects solar panel and other electrical component of a photovoltaic system.Solar cable is designed to be UV resistant and weather resistant.It can be used within a large temperature range and are generally laid outside.One common factor for most of the photovoltaic power systems is outdoor use, characterized by high temperatures and high UV radiation.

The characteristics of the solar cable is determined by its cable insulation and sheathing material, which we call cross-linked PE. The cable's insulation must be able to to prevent thermal and mechanical loads. As a consequence, plastics which have been cross-linked are increasingly used today. The insulation and jacket materials are extremely resistant to weathering, UV-radiation and abrasion. Salt water resistant and resistant to acids and alkaline solutions. It is suitable for fixed installation as stationary as for moving applications without tensile load. It is especially designed for outdoor use, which means direct sun radiation and air humidity, but due to the halogen free Flame retardant cross-linked jacket material the solar cable can also be installed in dry and humid conditions indoors. 

Individual modules are connected using solar cables to form the solar power generator. The module cables are connected into a string which leads into the generator junction box, and a main DC cable connects the generator junction box to the inverter. In order to eliminate the risk of ground faults and short circuits, the positive and negative cables, each with double insulation, are laid separately.

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