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Car charger helps you solve traveling problems

Time: 2017-04-18
Summary: The most unbearable things for many people is running out of their cell phone's electricity when they are outdoor.The appear of car charger brings great convenience to people's lives.Today we're going to talk about the safe way of using car charger.

Car charger makes our  journey more enjoyable

Nowadays the car charger has been wildly used on the car.As cellphone is becoming more and more important,people are increasingly dependent on their phone.No WIFI signal and cell phone using up it’s electricity has been listed as the most unbearable thing of mankind,you can see how terrible it is when the cellphone is out of juice.When you’re driving,you use your phone to navigate,call someone and listen to music,that causes the mobile phone power consuming very fast.Imaging how bad it is when you drive on the road and your cellphone used up it’s power.So the appear of car charger brings great convenience to people’s lives.Today we’re going to talk about the safe way of using car charger.

First let’s figure out what’s the difference between car charger and commonly used chargers.The main difference is plug,the plug of car charger is cigarette light type,find the cigarette light in your car(Usually in your cab and luggage),plug it in(plug into the bottom,when you hear the “click”,it’s ready.)Then connect it with cellphones or other device that need charge.The followings are specific using method.

Plug the car charger to the bottom of the cigarette lighter,output the direct current through USB connector.(Since there’s 2 spring pieces to fix the car charger,so when plug in,you should follow the track near the spring pieces instead of from the reverse direction,otherwise you’ll cause damage on the lighter and the charger)Then check the data such as voltage,current and soon are completely meet with the standard.When you plug in your phone with the USB connector,you can charge your phone,tablet and other digital devices.But before that,you should check the output current of car charger,you can’t charge a low-power digital device(such as laptop)with a high-power car,it will overload the device and burn down the fuse.Also there’re few things you should notice before using the car charger

1.Using the corresponding data lines according to the different charging equipment.

2.Car charger should not be placed in a wet or high temperature environment, the appropriate temperature is 0-60 .A higher temperature may cause burn or explosion and other accidents.You may stop using a car charger in extreme weather.

3.We suggest you not plugging in the car charger before you star the engine,because the voltage will cause damage to the car charger.Also,after the car was flamed out or after the device finished charging,we suggest you plug the car charger out.Although 80% of the car will stop providing power after it was shutdown,there are still some cars which continues supply power.Various types of charging equipment provide various charging current,which lead to various charging time.The charging time has nothing to do with the charger’s capability;In the meantime,pay attention to keep the connector clean,plug it out and keep it in a clean place when you don’t use it;Avoid lightning,keep it away from children.

At last,let’s take a look at the Automatic protecting device of the charger.This part maintains the protection of over voltage, over current,overheating, and short circuit protection.We suggest you chose car charger,whose shell performances well in inflaming retarding.The car charger from Shenzhen Kuncan Electronics CO.,Ltd  chose Aluminum alloy as it’s shell,which performances very well in inflaming retarding, anodizing and careful polishing allow it to have a variety of colors and delicate texture.In order to save costs,many manufacturers’ automatic protecting devices are incomplete,we suggest you chose car charger with good quality.I recommend you safe and reliable car charger from Kuncan electronics company.

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