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Why the phone charger charging overheat?

Q: Why the phone charger charging overheat?

A: We usually use the battery is divided into positive and negative, can be understood as our battery is DC. And usually used "110V - 220V 50HZ" is the exchange of electricity, mobile phone batteries can withstand the general are 5V, can not afford such a large voltage, so the 110V - 220V voltage to rectify, filter, regulator a series of process after the AC integrated into a direct current, the 110V - 220V current into a suitable mobile phone voltage.

And we have to understand the truth: when the high-level things are converted into low-level things, there will be energy distribution, and this heat is usually heat conversion, and this concept I usually use hot water into cold water Example, hot water to become cold water, it will have to heat. So when we charge the charger, the charge will be hot.

As for the charger is very hot this situation, as long as no smell, there is no problem, very hot because the charge charge long.

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