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What are the technical requirements for power cord?

The technical requirements  of power cord

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1. The power cord length according to the drawing requirements;

2. Three pins plug and inserted flat edge distance should be 6 or more;

3. Plug and wire connection section shape according to your drawings or sealed samples;  

4. Plug "3 c" certification mark certification mark, current, voltage, a standard (L, N, grounding symbol), product model, product grades should be clearly visible; 

5. Plug pins on the bottom should be sheathed, sheath material for nylon; 

6.  Plug according to the basic parameters of GB1002 single-phase plug socket form, the basic parameters and size; 

7. Connection wire sheath should be clearly printed on the "3 c" certification mark certification mark, "3 c" certification mark certification number, production units, use characteristics; Connect the wire shall comply with . 

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