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What is power cord
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    The power cord , known as the plug the power cord is a certain length of wire and a plug or have plug the power cord ends.What is the structure of the power cord ?The power cord structure mainly has three parts:
    The first part: the outer sheath, outer sheath is commonly protection, protection of the inside of the structure is damaged, make the use of the power cord to normal safety.Outer sheath direct contact with the outside world so the outer sheath generally have insulation resistance, high temperature resistant, cold resistant, oil resistant, wear resistant, toughness, etc.
    The second part: wire sheath is also called the insulating sheath, according to the term, can know the main role is in use, isolated from the outside world object contact with direct current, led to the use of security.
    The third part: the inner core, is the core part of the power cord, inner core is the direct contact with connections for electrical appliances with electric current, is the medium of electric current and electric.Filling material for copper commonly, so the stand or fall of copper core directly affects the quality of the power cord.
    The power cord is a range of products all over the world . Shenzhen Kuncan Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional power cord manufacturer,factory and supplier in China.We have well equipped production department with up-to-date equipment and facility.With more than 10 years experience in the cable and power industry in China,Our factory was certified by ISO 9001 Quality Management System,and we have got CE,FCC,UL,ROHS,VDE,BS etc certifications.

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